Welcome, Rad Girl Bosses.

Welcome to the new Radical Girl Boss blog. My name is Jess. I’m the 28-year-old CEO of The Social Campfire LLC, a freelance writer, University of Central Florida alum, and proud rad girl boss, just like you.

Growing up, I never completely “fit in.” Sure, I fell in line, earned good grades, participated in clubs and sports; I even played my hand in the corporate world. But throughout my high school and college days, and in my steady rise up the ladder, I’ve always wanted something more. Success was never an issue, and I sought to be challenged in unique ways.

I was never excited by big career fairs with powerful brand names as my time came to a close at UCF. After college, my tenacity and enthusiastic creativity was about to bubble over; nearly too much for a red-tape agency environment to handle.

Radical Girl Boss Jess Dawkins
Welcome to the Rad Girl Boss community. I’m Jess.

The shift to digital and remote couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. In 2014, I started my own remote marketing and writing business. It’s my lifelong tendency to DIY, and I enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to craft a life for myself. I take it that you do, too.

And like you, I started this blog because I’m tired of the alternatives that just don’t fit. While there are oodles of websites and posts dedicated to the savvy female entrepreneur and working woman — there isn’t a solid place to reflect, vent, and socialize outside the office grind, especially for the liberal, counter-culture, or alt millennial woman.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence. You know you need to be fed. Even if our business is authentic and we’re doing what we love, we all have to put on some kind of mask. Whether that ends up being made of paper mache or concrete is up to us.

But when we do take that mask off at the end of the day, put on leggings and flannel, and grab an Angry Orchard with a shot of Fireball (or glass of wine…), we want to be understood. We want a place to feel home in a pretty mixed-up world.

If you’re a liberal, festival-going, peace-loving, I-would-have-voted-for-Bernie-Sanders millennial who runs her own business, this blog is for you.

If you’re a female remote writer or marketing professional who likes Rage Against the Machine, trips to Colorado, and knows the true irony behind a PBR, this blog is for you. 

If you believe in animal rights, don’t give a damn about Tory Burch or Michael Kors, and moonlight as an amateur comedian with a penchant for bourbon, this blog is for you. 

If you have tattoos, piercings, wear a leather jacket with punk rock patches, and still don’t have to try and fit in to kill it in business – rad girl, this blog is definitely for you. 

For after-hours chat, news, pop culture, politics, tech, music, and some good old fashioned venting, head over to Radical Girl Blog 2x a week for the latest posts. For more about me, visit the About page.

Happy Reading, Kickass Women!



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