Tupac Said It…Some Things Will Never Change.

“Some things will never change.” 

The talented Tupac Shakur couldn’t have said it any better in the last line of the 1992 track Changes. If you’re a fan, you know that the song is about much more than brand marketing; but there’s plenty for marketing companies and agencies to learn from here.

While many organizations shrug their shoulders, claim “That’s just the way it is,” and move through operation after operation in total comfort with the status quo, but without any real disruptive growth to show for it – the Pacs out there — that is, the growth-oriented entrepreneurs and marketing companies — struggle daily, handily, with the realization that not everyone is comfortable with taking their business to the next level.

frustrated woman
Why do they hire us – and then *not* listen?

Why resist change? It truly seems to be all about comfort, doesn’t it? Since the dawn of civilization, sages of all walks of life, from psychologists to clergy, have attempted to find an answer. While there appear to be several reasons that human beings resist change and growth, Thought Patrol narrows it down to 12 main reasons, which include fear of the unknown, poor communication, lack of trust, personal rewards and benefits, and changes in routine, among others.

Whatever the reason, internal or external, a recent Inc.com article written by editor John Brandon puts it perfectly: rote processes are simply an excuse, “making people happy” means never challenging anyone, and a fearful leader — especially when he or she is the head of marketing, a startup entrepreneur, or an executive — tends to miss the great ideas that their teams and consultants are creating and innovating around them.

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