What the 1st Debate Means for Millennial Women

The first Presidential debate of the 2016 General Election is tonight. What does it mean for Radical Girl Bosses like us?

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are squaring off tonight in the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle. You can tune in at 9:00 PM Eastern on the NBC family of networks. Held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, tonight’s debate is predicted to be the most widely viewed presidential candidate clash in history — and the first official head-to-head battle for the republic.

If you’re not interested in this year’s election, millennial boss girl – you should be. No matter how new you are to politics or the game called “adulting,” polls are quickly tightening, and the virtually binary choice for presidential candidate couldn’t be any more polarized.

There’s no debate about it: The two candidates possess radically different views on the future of America, from economics to immigration, healthcare and gun control. What’s american flag colorsmore, rad girl, the next four years of American political decision-making will have a huge impact on millennial businesswomen, including how much interest you’ll pay on your student loans, your ability to grow your business and hire employees, and the practicality of having and raising a child.

Take it from a girl who saw Barack Obama debate live in the 2008 election season; focused exchanges like these are a solid way to quickly understand the character, aims, and means of the two party candidates selected for Presidential candidate, especially if you’re running a little behind. If you’re invested in your future, and that of your business, I highly recommend tuning in tonight.

Assignment initiated. Get prepped ahead of time with a glimpse of the two candidates’ challenges and what you can expect: 

What to Expect from Republican Candidate Donald Trump 

The bar is set pretty low for “The Donald,” who expertly navigates the waters of political avoidance. Somehow, he’s been able to dodge releasing his tax returns,  a feat that no presidential candidate has been able to get away with before (and a task that Clinton completed months ago). He’s also managed to deflect myriad substantive policy girl boss reading newsquestions, riding the wave of the chummy regular-citizen/underdog.

The question is whether it’ll be more of the same tonight, especially since this is Trump’s first-ever one-on-one debate. He’ll reinforce his “Joe Six Pack” image (two mega points if you remember the woman who made that famous), and play on Hillary’s publicized weaknesses, including Benghazi and the email scandal.

What to Expect from Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s expectations eclipse those of Trump’s; however, she’s an experienced debater, participating in nearly 40 face-offs since her first New York state Senate campaign 16 years ago. If Hill-Clint can capitalize off her experience and avoid spending more than a few dozen seconds on Lester Holt’s scandal questions, she’ll be able to unearth Trump’s lack of political mastery and edge the polls.

Even deeply rooted in hours of gratuitous MSNBC political pundit watching, I’m hesitant to try and forecast exactly what will happen — and who will come out on top. There are many variables in play tonight, including how much moderator Holt pushes Trump to eschew the facts, and how often Clinton will come across as loud, boisterous, or otherwise a bully (we’ll talk more about that and its gender implications later).

No matter what, it’s an essential activity for your Monday night. As much as I rather be camping in an Icelandic igloo tonight, watching the Northern Lights — the future of this country impacts me as a business owner, wife, and young woman carving my place in the world.

It’s up to you to help decide how your future will end up. Come on back tomorrow and comment on this blog, and tell me what you thought about it. 

Real Love and Real Talk,









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