Trump: Your “10” is Irrelevant to Us.

Have you ever been told your weight was a “real problem?” 

I hope not – but I also wouldn’t place it outside the realm of possibility. Most women have struggled with body image in some shape or form. Whether you’ve been teased, chastised, or otherwise felt the inner nag of not looking good enough, most of us can vouch for feeling insecure about our weight or physique.

We weren’t born insecure about our weight. We live in a world where Photoshop reigns supreme, where Insta-filters are nearly photography requirements, and where Donald Trump gets to decide who’s a “10.”

Despite much body image progress for Millennial women, we’re sent back to barbarianism each time Republican candidate Trump talks women and (er, gag) beauty pageants.

Yes, you know the rule by now – you should always, always run away from men who like beauty pageants. If he runs one – that’s a 5-alarm feminist emergency.

You know what’s also an emergency? The commonplace marginalization and objectification of women in the United States and around the globe. It’s not a new challenge, but it hasn’t improved much. And this week, Donald Trump has hit a new low. Yes, another one. 

If you haven’t heard, another one of Trump’s stories about treating women like crap have been pushed to the forefront of media and civilian consciousness. On Monday night, during the first 2016 Presidential debate, lady boss Hillary Clinton turned Trump’s objectification of women into a powerful political weapon. And she should.

Because of Hillary Clinton, Alicia Machado’s story has gone viral. In 1996, after winning Trump’s Miss Universe beauty competition, the 18-year-old Venezuelan woman was publicly shamed and pressured by the businessman when she gained about 12 pounds.

Here’s an image of Machado after “gaining weight.” What do you think of her physique? I think she looks pretty good. A “10” perhaps.

Alicia Machado Donald Trump
New York Times

Do you know what Trump thought of her — at the very moment the photo to the right was taken? Not only did he privately and publicly humiliate her, even sending cameras to the gym to watch her work out – just this week, he doubled down on his handling of the incident 20 years ago, telling Fox News “She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.”

He also called her Miss Piggy. And Miss Housekeeping. Pepper in a dash of racism.

Machado suffered from anorexia and bulimia for 5 years after winning Miss Universe. Now, she’s a US citizen, and she says she’s voting for Hillary Clinton in November. Nothing like sweet revenge.

There is absolutely zero reason to comment on someone’s body, unless you’ve been asked. There are frankly far more important things for Presidential candidate Donald Trump, America, and Millennial businesswomen to care about. Like the economy. And student loans. And our retirement future.

I’m sick and tired of the weight obsession in this country, especially when it comes from a Presidential candidate. Get. a. life. It says everything about you, and nothing about American women like us.

If you’re insecure about yourself, deal with it. If you have a control problem, see a therapist. But leave people alone. You either love or you hate, and I’m confident you reap what you sow.

Tell a friend today she looks great — and most importantly, that she’s smart and inspiring. 





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