Cannabis Tax Revenue Equals Bullying Prevention in Schools

The State of Colorado is no dope when it comes to generating tax revenue for worthy public causes. Five months into 2016, the state’s marijuana sale tax revenues hit the half billion mark – a boon much bigger than alcohol.

Just as the highest Rocky Mountain driving trails defrosted and opened this summer, Colorado was hitting the half-billion mark on 2016 legal cannabis tax revenues. This translates into $98.6 million in sales five months into this year alone for the state’s recreational and medical dispensaries.

It’s healing on another level; with it comes the newfound ability to address the state’s most pressing societal concerns, from homelessness to road improvements and sending kids to college.

cannabis plants in mountains

The latest offering, reported by TIME, is in the form of bullying prevention in Colorado schools. The state plans to distribute millions of dollars in surplus tax revenues to schools in an effort to prevent bullying. The money, totaling approximately $2.9 million, will be offered as school grants offered by the Colorado Department of Education. Schools that receive the grant will get specialized training from a prevention coach and form a prevention committee comprised of parents, teachers, and staff.

Many cities in America are struggling to generate enough tax revenue to properly support its communities, especially in its poorest cities in towns. What is masked as a menace by Big Pharma lobbyists and conservative state governments (cough, Florida) is literally providing more support to the community than scores of other initiatives tried in other states.

school girls eating lunch

If you know any other state in America that’s generating this kind of a positive societal outcome with an alternative to legal cannabis tax revenues, let me know.

What does this anecdote say about us as a country, our opinions on “pot,” the War on Drugs, and Big Business? Could Americans have been duped before some of us were even born or old enough to walk?

Since the election of President Reagan, a pre-occupation with choosy freedom has blurred the lines of good and bad, taboo and acceptable.

ronald reagan back to the future

If you’re wondering if our priorities are skewed, the answer is yes. It’s yes. To most of us, smoke signals are easy to read. To many of us, powdered pandering is not acceptable. What matters most is that we’re taking care of our fellow people, making sure our cities and towns are safe, and that we’re not giving away our own rights, bit by bit, in order to benefit huge and powerful institutions.

While Mylan raises its life-saving Epi-Pen price to $600 a pop, we’re told that a plant that grows in nature and has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes is pure evil. Meanwhile, kids are going without their allergy medication and weed sales are supporting schools and infrastructure in the state of Colorado.

A dichotomy exists in our country today, and where the seams end and begin is not as easy to discern as we once thought. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and consider taking my advice to heart: If it’s helping others; if it’s improving lives and waging peace, it’s certainly not a bad thing.

What’s your opinion as a Rad Girl Boss on legal marijuana in Colorado and the generation of surplus tax revenues in the state? 

To learn more about Colorado’s female girl bosses, and how they’re improving their lives and their state through legal cannabis, stay tuned. 





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