Don’t Grab My Pussy, Trump.

“I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” – Donald Trump, 2005

Just as I penned my recent post on Donald Trump and Alicia Machado, journalists dug in to find something more behind the reports that Trump was lewd and sexist while taping the Apprentice reality show.

Not surprisingly, wish granted. According to CNN, last Monday, an Access Hollywood producer remembered Trump’s 2005 taping session with former “Access” co-host Billy Bush. By mid-week, executive producer Rob Silverstein and his producing team reviewed its contents and discovered a moment in which Trump told Bush, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

The hot mic session included Trump saying he once tried and failed to have sex with married Nancy O’Dell, who was Bush’s co-host at the time.

make america great again grab pussy hat
Make America Great Again…Grab ‘Em by the Pussy.

Here’s the actual unedited transcript — and here, linked, a copy of the audio:

donald trump billy bush transcript

donald trump billy bush transcript part 2

donald trump billy busy part 3

Visit the links above for more. 

As a woman who has lived through sexual assault, hearing a man brag about his propensity for touching women without their consent is downright eerie.

The fact that female and male Trump supporters alike are doing their best to defend the presidential candidate and his remarks made 11 years ago (or that they don’t even matter) is another American societal issue in itself.

It’s not policy, but it’s practicality. Here are 5 reasons why these “grab ’em by the pussy” comments are extremely important: 

1. This kind of talk is rampant among American men. 

Trump explains the tape away as “locker room banter,” and although it’s more like admitting you’re a serial sexual assault artist, the inkling of truth within his comments is that many American men consider this mere locker room banter.

Just listen to how NBC’s Billy Bush reacted to it. He replies, “You can do whatever you want” with a chuckle. To him, it’s funny, and there’s no chance in hell he would call Trump out. Meanwhile, women live in fear while at work, dating, and at school. If you’re a young girl boss who has lived in the United States for any period of time, you’ve heard or experienced the effects of such vulgar, intimidating, and downright scary conversations about women. It’s not appropriate or OK. Ever.

2. This kind of action is rampant among American men. 

It’s not just ugly chatter; according to RAINN, an American is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes, and out of every 1,000 rapes, 994 perpetrators will walk free. I’ve been sexually assaulted; my friends have been sexually assaulted, and many women you know have been sexually assaulted, too. This includes inappropriate touching, groping, and rape. Donald Trump has taken advantage of women many times, and he sees no problem with it. He goes after them like a bitch. In his toolbox? Tic-Tacs. I’m sure you’d echo me when you say it’s not the first time you’ve heard or experienced this kind of scary sentiment.

3. Women are defending Trump’s grab ’em by the pussy comments. 

Most women are outraged by Trump’s sick comments, but the candidate’s female supporters and surrogates are putting themselves, their daughters, and friends in jeopardy in the long-term with this kind of reaction:

The problem, Ms. Delgado, is that he doesn’t know how to run the country, either.

Evangelical leaders have shrugged the comments away, too, unpacking the reality that even religious leaders will apologize for Trump.

4. Women are living in fear – and will continue to do so – as a result of these kinds of grab ’em by the pussy comments. 

jenny slate

I agree with Jenny Slate – the whole “grabbing” reference is odd. But in all seriousness, hearing men talk like this scares women. It makes women remember the moment when they were “grabbed in the pussy” at a party, in a school hallway. I remember when a friend of mine was “pantsed” in 11th grade, her whole bottom half exposed in the middle of a math class. A year later, I heard a friend described as “Grade D meat” to her face by her male perpetrator the day after she was raped.

5. Our response to these comments will shape our future. 

Especially if you’re a millennial woman, your response to these comments will shape your future and the future of your daughters and friends’ kids. Failure to denounce Trump is implying these comments are OK. What’s more, it implies that you feel that men touching and groping (and even having sex with women) whenever they want is fine.

If you elect this man, you’re electing a man who admittedly sexually assaults and tries to have sex with married women as your primary representative. What does that say about you and our country? Forget about party lines and labels. Vote for your safety and the safety of your fellow alt women.

As a millennial girl boss, what’s your opinion on Trump’s leaked comments? What impact do you think it has on us and our future generation of women? 

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