On Election Day, My Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Hey There, Donald J. Trump –

Phew, It’s Election Day. You and I both made it. Like me, you’re probably awake before the sun’s up, an eye on the media. I imagine you with a glass of orange juice. You’re drumming up a clever tweet before the sunrise. Next, it’s French Toast on a white porcelain slab. Your table lamp contains the brightest bulb on the market. It’s kick ass & take names Tuesday. You’re confident…or at least you appear to be.

You’re like a lot of men I know. The angry, bitter, blue collar auto-dads in upstate New York. The white collared, Florida good ol’ boys that I must tolerate like dust allergens in a thrift store. You’re made of paper, but you have pipes of steel. You’re hateful, without a gauge on how you present yourself. You objectify and disrespect women.

And you really, truly believe you deserve this Presidency.

Young women like me have watched powerful men like you take and take for decades. And today, we’re taking our power back. It doesn’t require money to have power…what it does take is a concession of strength and ideas from the other side. Our side.

Unlike some politicians, you’re no stranger to me or women in my generation. The men in my family adore bodacious babes and the misogynist entertainment concocted by one Howard Stern. Men like you have empowered the men around me to treat women like crap, while somehow discerning that they’re owed something.

In America, we’re all owed something. It has been skewed. Male, female, white, black, Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ…we’re all owed the same unalienable rights, Donald. I’m not going to regurgitate the US Constitution; I think you’ve heard enough about it during this cycle.

To put it in your layman’s terms, all Americans deserve:

  • Equal respect
  • Equal opportunity
  • Freedom
  • Equal access
  • A voice

Your business in politics is giving yourself a voice. You never had a problem with that to begin with; but the failures of our society, our democracy, have pushed you to think that you deserve even more.

Listen, Don – you don’t deserve the Presidency. You don’t deserve the votes of the young women who stand beside me….the Muslim girls, lesbians, Latinas, who have worked hard over the last 8 years to get and keep Obama in the White House. We did it so we could dream even louder than before.

Obama’s two terms provided me healthcare for the first time since high school. It gave me hope, imagination, courage…and it got us out of a recession. It was the change we needed after George W. Bush cast a black cloud over our country & our mark in modern history. I’ll be damned if you come hobbling in to, “Eye of the Tiger” and dismantle that. 

Year on year, since the advent of this country, our beautiful, blank slate of freedom has been chipped away by people like you. Your candidacy for President of the United States has enlightened us to the damage.

One man, filled with immorality and selfishness, can afflict people all over our country. But that happens if and only if we let you have that platform. 

Today, I feel bad for you. I feel terribly for your surrogates, campaign staff, and supporters. I’m not sure why so many people decided you should speak for them. It’s disheartening.

At the same time, I’m confident that when the polls close this evening, the majority, the democratic majority, will speak. College students. Mothers. Business Owners. Sisters. Daughters.

Tonight, America is shutting you up. 

Donald, I hope you sincerely enjoyed the ride. I hope you basked in your walk of fame and said everything you needed to say. I trust that you revealed your true character and inspired America’s truth.

I’ll hit you up on Twitter later.

Queen RGB – & American Women Everywhere


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